About carolina

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I have loved fashion and dressing up ever since I can remember (actually, a little before that). My mom tells me stories about how I refused to leave my room when I was two years old, because she would not dress me according to my standards. Later on, I started playing with threads and fabrics, because my grandmother is a seamstress, and I inherited my love for fashion from her. 

As a fashion designer from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, I love the creative process of making clothes. However, I enjoy so many other aspects of fashion that I found being a designer slightly limited. Additionally, for over the past ten years, I have been very curious about sustainable and fair trade fashion, which is why I decided to start Blog by CaRolina. This is a space for personal improvement through making better decisions regarding fashion… and lifestyle.

As a fashion entrepreneur, I had been featured in great fashion magazines from Colombia (where I am from) when I had my fashion company, and made great collaborations with sustainable labels there before moving to Los Angeles, CA two and half years ago. Since then, many more ethical doors have opened for me, partnering with brands such as Ula Life, which is a fashion brand that gives back to the community where their products are made, Errant Clothing that uses sustainable dyes and makes all its pieces in Los Angeles, and Seed Phytonutrients, which is a beauty brand that only uses natural products packaged in one hundred percent recyclable materials.

I wish to continue this amazing path of building self-awareness of what living a sustainable life, and shopping with a green conscience in mind really means, so I can lead by example, and hopefully create a real, positive impact to all my amazing #MindfulStyle community.